Our team of people working with bringing out the best in Daily Elegance collections is a creative combination of skilled design, sales and marketing.

The essence in Daily Elegance collections is to be able to feel elegant in everyday use, both inside and outside your home. We believe in good quality with artistic and refined detailing. Hand painted prints and a thought to each detail in every product is what makes a Daily Elegance product.

Our collections are not only based on one season but to be used during all moments of the year. The collections are easily combined between themselves and we make sure that products from all our collections are possible to wear together. This thinking is sustainability for us, long time usage without no fast wear and tear.

Here our designer Denice Rydenfors describes how she puts her creative hand and mind into each development of Daily Elegance products and style…

With my pan-Scandinavian background my design has always been influenced with a combination of sophisticated and timeless Scandinavian style together with where I move, live or travel. I often get my inspiration from daily life, the way we move and use our surroundings. I travel a lot and also by living in the south of Spain I get very inspired by the way the classical south European woman dress. The lifestyle in the south is elegant, relaxed, feminine and sexy at the same time and these attributes are something I try to implement in my design. I want the woman to feel beautiful, comfortable and strong when she moves both inside and outside her home. The clothes are her way of expressing and I believe we want to dress smart without losing a sense of comfortable relaxation when we go outside.

The look of the product is one aspect in my work but I always add the thought of how we feel using the product. The quality and feel in a product is equally important to how you look. I always try to implement details that are refined and always think about the softness, the fall of fabric or how it feels carrying a product when using it. I very often try to tie the product in different ways and dress up and down depending of the situation. Adding a belt or jacket to a dress or using the kimono hanging on top of your jeans while also adding layers of garments together, this way of dressing creates your own style and makes you feel comfortable in your own skin.

We work with materials that are adapted to your life rhythm. Sometimes we use real leathers, sometimes a more wear and tear friendly PU material. I often think about how we store and pack our clothes, it should be easy to slip on and off or place in a suitcase and pick up when you arrive without having to think too much about ironing.

 I love to be able to move around in my home and feel as well as look luxurious and comfortable, and even more I love that I can leave my home with the same clothes on and the feeling continues. I simply add a few jewellery and a nice bag, ready for work, town or out for a meeting with friends and family. I want it to be effortless but look great.

The Daily Elegance jewellery are made for everyday use. I often use my jewellery all the time, I get my favorites like our Ecuadora necklace or my Buma ring and then I wear it all the time. A necklace, a ring or a bracelet can do so much for your style and wardrobe and it enhances an elegant look. Our jewellery are very delicate and light, so they are easy to combine to any outfit or personality. Even though they are made in a good quality the best thing is always to take them off when you wash or cream your hands or body and leave them in a dry place, preferable protected with our jewellery bag that comes along with each jewellery.

Last but not least we have a full range of lifestyle products and this involves interior products. We think about the combination of items for your most feminine space and I get inspiration from the smaller spaces like the walk in wardrobe, the makeup desk or the area surrounding your bed. I wish to be able to style and select products that go along with the style of the clothes, bags and jewellery. With an elegant tray or fragrance, something to hang your jewellery on or simply a cushion just like a jewellery I wish that the female user can style and combine all our products together.

Enjoy and get inspired, with lots of love from Daily Elegance!